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The Story of Auburn Avenue Menswear

Auburn Avenue started as an idea in August of 2016 when our founder, Ahmad Thames developed an interest in bespoke menswear and desired to redefine the way men’s clothing is designed and created. For Ahmad, clothing men wasn’t a line of business but an art that had to be developed and mastered. His love for tailored garments and made-to-measure apparel inspired the idea to create a distinct menswear brand for customers who wanted their clothing to be a true reflection their personal sense of style. It would be over 3 years before the first garment to bear the Auburn Avenue Menswear logo would be produced in November 2019.

During this period, Ahmad invested his time and resources in learning about the requirements for starting and managing a successful, customer-focused high-end menswear brand. The knowledge gained over the course of three years gave him the right leverage to successfully launch what is fast becoming a growing, successful bespoke menswear brand.

The Inspiration Behind Our Name

Our brand name – Auburn Avenue Menswear – was inspired by the Sweet Auburn District, a historic African American neighborhood along Auburn Avenue, east of downtown Atlanta, Georgia. The name “Sweet Auburn” was coined by John Wesley Dobbs, to refer to the “richest Negro street in the world,” and one of the largest concentrations of African American businesses in the United States.

Sweet Auburn District is home to historic businesses and landmarks like Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s birth home, APEX Museum and The Royal Peacock nightclub.

For us, Sweet Auburn District isn’t just another landmark, it represents what drives us – identity, influence, success and strength. Every time we dress our customers, we want them to feel powerful in what they wear but more importantly, we want to give them the power to define who they are so that they can stand tall and stand proud.

Meet Your Artisan


Ahmad Thames

Artisan Designer &

Founder, Auburn Avenue Menswear

Ahmad is a visionary menswear designer and fashion aficionado with vast knowledge in menswear design. Described as an emerging icon in the menswear niche of the fashion industry, Ahmad has dreamed of creating his own apparel brand since the seventh grade after he became inspired by Daymond John and his FUBU brand partners.

This dream, combined with his relentless zeal for innovative fashion, his passion for design and his military-honed attention to detail ultimately birthed Auburn Avenue Menswear – a made-to-measure menswear brand focused on creating custom clothing for men who want to customize their fashion to suit, refine and upscale their personal branding.

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