Auburn Avenue Menswear

Discover Who You Are Through What You Wear.

Nothing is more auspicious than a keen and sharp sense of style. We understand how this works – which is why we let you define what your style is.
Our art is not about changing who you are … it’s about refining and sharpening the rough edges of your style so that you are can discover, define and upscale your personal brand through the way you dress.

We Make High Quality, Custom Suits 

Our approach to customizing and crafting our apparel is unique; we measure to precision and use our canvas to create a first sample in order to achieve fit, cut and style. Next, we transfer the final details to our customer preferred material and carry out final tweaks and adjustments as needed.
Our clothing is made by a team of skilled tailors, craftsmen and designers who understand the art, skills and techniques that go into creating quality apparel. We give our customers full control over the choice of design and material and, we fully involve them in the design process. This way, we are able to capture their thoughts and channel their ideas into the creation of a bespoke work of art.

Auburn Avenue Menswear

Only the Finest Materials

The quality of the cut and fit starts with the quality of the material. At Auburn Avenue Menswear, we never cut the cost on quality or compromise our sources. Our materials are sourced from the finest suppliers, and we take great care to ensure that our sources are ethical and sustainable.

Auburn Avenue Menswear

Designed & Cut to Perfection

The way we design, cut and craft are three aspects of our work that we never take for granted. Every design is carefully planned, sketched and executed to the tiniest detail because we are obsessed with delivering perfection. Every cut is deliberate and precise, and we ensure that the craftwork done on every piece meets our strictest standards for quality craftsmanship.

Auburn Avenue Menswear

Constructed Just For You

We don’t mass-produce our clothing and designs; rather, we work with your ideas, needs and personality to create custom looks that are truly an extension of your personal brand. This way, you are not just another fine gentleman walking down the street – you are THAT gentleman with THE distinct style.

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